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Landcruiser 100 Series Fuel Consumption

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Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Most economical Toyota diesel land cruiser engine for a 60 series in terms of fuel efficiency. Thread starter Bryan Start date Sep 25, Hi all, Read countless threads in which the fuel economy of different Toyota diesel engines was discussed. What would be the most fuel efficient land cruiser diesel engine regardless of cost, parts availability, power, and other such considerations for a 60 series wagon?

Joined Sep 30, Messages Probably the 1hdfte as it has the better flowing head I think the setup of the engine and choice of gearing is probably more important than the engine itself. The amount of fuel it consumes wont vary a great deal. Its a big square heavy lump of metal and it takes a lot of fuel just to get it moving.

The 6 cyls seems to have a wider power band, although I do like the 4cyl B engines I think the 1HZ is the budget priced option that will still give you reasonable fuel economy and the ability to maintain 70mph all day without stressing the engine. It probably has the best parts availability of them all.

60 series landcruiser fuel economy

And you are really going need a 5 sp to get the best from a diesel on the freeway. Toyota's direct injection diesel's are more efficient than the indirect injection diesels.

The 12HT is surprisingly efficient and came from the factory in the 60 series HJ Efficiency didn't improve much again after the DI motors came out until Toyota went to the common rail diesel technology.Get a Membership account to gain access to a wider range of services offered by this website, featuring:-BlogsDiscounts from our ShopGPX Protect your spare wheel and show your support for ExplorOz with one of our exclusive spare wheel covers This download contains route data files for the ExplorOz Trek Note collection, being tracks across Australia Become a Lifetime Member of ExplorOz and you'll never have to renew your membership again!

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60 series landcruiser fuel economy

Suits beer, soft drink or water bottles. Designed to stimulate conversation about where you've travelled, Login Sign Up. Your have items in your shopping cart. Forum Index. Hi, does anybody know the fuel economy of a 4lt, manual diesel and the a 4litre manual petrol 60 series landcruiser.

Toyota Landcruiser 200 Update – Fuel Economy

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ExplorOz Stubby Holder Suits beer, soft drink or water bottles. Community Forum Blogs Classifieds Membership. Beyond Pty Ltd.Sent Very happy. Hiclones better burn effects will also, de-coke the engine, as the mileage builds up so do the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber, these deposits rob you of power so slowly through the years you have to put your foot down a little more to get the power on to get up that hill.

Snorke l : If you have a snorkel placing a Hiclone into the top of the down pipe will surprise you with extra power and economy, this is because the spinning air creates a vortex that wants to and does suck more air in, it wont carry on spinning past the filter but the engine will breathe much easier.

Supermax : When used in conjunction with Hiclone the Supermax can multiply the fuel consumption saving benefits for you. Hiclone operates on the air side of the combustion process while Supermax makes the fuel side more fuel efficient.

Together they are a powerhouse team that are effective on both petrol and diesel engines. A standard oil filter can only filter down to approx. Bearing tolerances are approx. The OFM traps the smaller particles reducing the abrasion in the engine, reducing wear and improving efficiency. Without Hiclone the fuel usage was Hiclone have been in Australia for over 27 years with over 6. Hiclone fuel saver will improve your fuel economy and reduce your fuel costs.

Your litres per km can be helped. Landcrusier 1HZ Diesel. Landcruiser owners of 1HZ 4.

Fuel Consumption by Toyota Prado 150 2.8 Diesel. Test and More.

This is the first testimonial I have ever given on a product, mainly because the advertised claims usually fall short of reality.

However after 5 months of use in my dual fuel UZJR 4. The engine at ks has never sounded sweeter. Landcrusier 1HZ Diesel 4x4 Magazine independent test.Post Apr 14, 1 T Post Apr 14, 2 T Post Apr 14, 3 T Post Apr 14, 4 T Post Apr 14, 5 T Post Apr 14, 6 T Post Apr 14, 7 T Post Apr 14, 8 T Post Apr 14, 9 T Post Apr 14, 10 T Post Apr 15, 11 T Post Apr 15, 12 T Post Apr 15, 13 T Post Apr 16, 14 T Post Apr 16, 15 T We've updated our Privacy Policy and by continuing you're agreeing to the updated terms.

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WA Member. Mine 4. Best Doing an esperance trip at easter, so hopefully see what all open road is I use an iphone app called 'Road Trip'. I just enter the fuel, k's and price when I fuel up.I often say to people that if fuel economy is one of your major concerns, then getting into caravanning is probably not your thing.

When you double the weight of your towing vehicle and ruin its aerodynamics, like what happens when you put a caravan on the back, its fuel efficiency is going to suffer and probably by a considerable margin. That said, fuel economy is not something to be completely ignored.

It can also mean the difference of making it to the next town without having to rely on your jerry cans or a small isolated and perhaps dodgy fuel station along your route. Some places, like the Tanami Track, the distance between fuel stops is so great that many vehicles, particularly towing big vans, simply do not have the range to make it with their standard fuel capacity. Knowing your fuel usage and how to calculate it accurately can be very important when travelling outback Australia.

We have now had our Landcruiser for about 10 months now and in that time we have done just over 16,km with a mix of city driving, extended highway trips and a few trips towing the Roadstar Safari Tamer. When we bought it, I had heard all sorts of stories about its fuel economy. Some said it was awesome. Some comments were not so glowing in their praise.

landcruiser 4.2 diesel fuel economy

My initial take was, its a bloody V8. What the hell can you reasonably expect from it? They are not made to be frugal, they are made to produce power and loads of it. No matter how efficient the engine is, making that power takes fuel, so my expectations were not too high.

Well the reality is the Landcruiser diesel is an extremely fuel efficient vehicle and it has surpassed all my expectations.

60 series landcruiser fuel economy

Technology has certainly come a long way and it is possible to have a V8 engine that manages to make you smile at the bowser. That said, I have to admit, there are far more fuel efficient vehicles out there that are capable of towing big loads. Around town, the figures are much the same, probably closer to between In my opinion, these figures are staggeringly good…!

My old Land Rover Discovery Tdi use to get fuel economy like that and it was a very small 4 cylinder engine. Towing is where the fuel economy equation comes back to earth but certainly not outside of my initial expectations. With a lightly loaded caravan about 3. That was pretty good and well below what I thought was possible. Both times we drove in this near maximum load configuration involved either strong winds or some slow steep hill climbing roads.Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website.

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Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Thread starter Hublocker Start date Aug 8, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Home Forums Vehicle Specific 70 Series. Hublocker New Member. Aug 8, 1 0 1. Hello folks, What is the fuel consumption of the early 80s Toyota Land Cruisers?

I'm considering buying a with the 6-cylinder diesel engine. I don't believe it is the turbo version.

1984 6-cylinder diesel fuel economy

Would the turbo use more fuel? I'd really like to know if the fuel economy would be better than with my Nissan V6 4x4 pickup. Nov 19, 4, 1, Sheffield S. If it has an after market turbo kit on it should get 25 mpg on a run. I've had every variation over the last 15 years and the best 60 series to have is the HJ61 auto.

Hope this helps Andy TTG. Jun 15, 0 Turbo wont make much difference. Crushers Well-Known Member.The 60 series Land Cruiser was a step up in comfort from the FJ55 model that preceded it.

This was due in part to growing demand for such a vehicle in Japan and the need to compete with Land Rover in the United States. Diesel variants of the 60 series were not sold in the United States. The HJ60 was released in It was equipped with an inline 6 cylinder diesel engine 2H and many luxury features including an electric moon roof and remote control mirrors. The FJ62 was produced starting in However, the 62 model was not sold in the U. It came with an automatic 4-speed transmission and electronic fuel injected 4.

In the 12H-T engine was added to the 60 series in the HJ The 12H-T is a diesel engine with a direct injection turbo setup. There were over variations of the 60 series Land Cruiser sold around the world. Also see: Specs for 60 Series Land Cruisers.

These are the words that describe the Toyota Land Cruiser 60 series. Later models added more electric components. The 60 series was the first attempt by Toyota to make the Land Cruiser a more passenger friendly car. The seating, sound proofing, and adjusted spring rate added to the comfortable, and air conditioning was an option. All 60 series Land Cruisers came with body-on-frame construction. All engines that came in the 60 series are known for their longevity.

Overall there are very few week points in these vehicles. With solid axles, engines with good low-end torque, good ground clearance, and of course 4WD, any 60 series Land Cruiser is off-road capable in stock form. They are also easy to modify to improve off-road performance. There is really no denying that the 60 series is really nice to look at.

While it is nice to have lots of storage space, the backend sticks out far past the rear axle making it easy to get hung up on obstacles. Birfield joints are used to connect the axles to the wheels and have a reputation for breaking under extreme stress.

The emissions system is made up of expensive parts and tends to fail and completely disable the vehicle. This is why many people choose to remove the smog system.

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